Mindful Weight Loss for Women
7 Days of Mindful Weight Loss for Women

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Hypnotherapists are not licensed as healing arts practitioners, nor are they licensed Physicians, Psychologists, or Psychotherapists. Hypnotherapy is for vocational and avocational self-improvement, is non-diagnostic, and is no substitute for licensed Medical or Psychiatric care.
Even though hypnosis is totally and completely safe, it is always suggested that the listener consult with such licensed professionals before listening to a track for something that is, or could be, a medical or psychiatric issue.During hypnosis you will be aware of everything and will usually feel very relaxed. Your unconscious mind will not accept suggestions that are against your morals, personality, ethics, or desires. Memories may come up in hypnosis that may or may not be true. They could be combinations of memories and it is often not possible to discern “true” memories from “false” memories. What hypnosis does best is suggest, what it doesn’t do very well is uncover.
There is no guarantee of results and all results will differ between individuals.
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